what is artshop.la


what is artshop.la?

In the literal sense, artshop.la is the Los Angeles branch of a global network of artists, creatives, entrepreneurs & friends.

Artshop.la is about bringing together people with shared values for a common goal.

we at artshop.la believe that everything is art.

When we use the words "artist" or "art", what we really mean is anyone who does anything. Whether it be music, fashion, poetry, business, or even the way you make your eggs in the morning, some form of artistry is applied without exception.

By becoming aware of creativity in everything we do, and practicing every discipline mindfully, our results inch closer and closer to excellence.

“As iron sharpens iron, so does one person sharpen another.”

Artshop.la is an experience, and a shared one at that. By fostering community, we create the opportunity to pursue this sharpening together.

one core principle of artshop.la is action.

Artshop.la team members understand the importance of haste and that inaction is death.

Artshop.la team members take an organized and collaborative approach toward achieving each other's goals, as well as those of the organization.

Artshop.la has two main goals; One is to foster a creative community dedicated to turning ambition into reality. The other is to enjoy the process.

another core principle of artshop.la is commitment.

. . . to personal & creative development, and the realization that these are one and the same. 

When you first join Artshop, you may notice a tingling sensation in various parts of your body.

This is normal. 

All Artshop team members are unanimously approved by members of the Executive Council.

the third core principle of artshop is [redacted].

We hold this principle very dear to our hearts.

breaking this principle results in [redacted] and punishment is aggressively administered by the [redacted] of [redacted].

please keep this in mind throughout the application process.

if you would describe yourself as...

ambitious, creative, good looking, sexy, cool, and interested in working on a variety of legendary creative & business ventures,

consider joining the artshop.la team.